Dofen Magnetic Therapy Vibration Eye Massager - Basic Design



  • Prevention of myopia - improvement of eye vision, eliminate eye acid bulging , drying, unclear vision caused over use of eyes. Inprovement you work and study efficient.
  • Eye surgry - eliminate the wrinkles , dark circles, enhance skin elasticity skin beauty you eyes.
  • Microcirculation magnetic field - 22 hinge magnetic composition, can effectively eliminate eye fatigue
  • 9 styles of  shiatsu massage - Make eyeball and eye muscle relax adequately, reduce pressure inside the eye, eliminate the acid that causes with the eye excessive bilge,, dry, be afraid of light and the symptom such as blurred thing.

      Applicable symptoms

    • Prevent myopia
    • Remove eye bags, wrinkles, dark circles
    • Enhance skin elasticity
    • Effectively eliminate eye fatigue
    • Eliminate excessive eye caused by acid bloating, dry, afraid of light, blurred vision
    • Specifications:

    • Product name:Sunglasses eye massager
    • Product color:Blue
    • Rated power: 0.3w
    • Rated voltage: 3V
    • Principle of massage :(electric) vibration
    • Material: ABS/ silica gel, magnet, electronic components
    • Power supply: 2*AAA battery or USB
    • Music:NO
    • Warranty period:3 years
    • Applicable people:

    • Student, teacher, Myopic people, over use eyes of people.
    • Computer operator, Accountant, Designer, Secretary, Driver, Precision instruments of workers.
    • The wrinkles , dark circles , drying, unclear vision caused over use of eyes.
    • Package Contents:

    • Main Body of Machine ×1
    • USB cable ×1
    • Product Manuals ×1

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