Dofen Electric Magnetic Vibration Eye Massager - Basic Version



  • Health: eye SPA 5 minutes a day, equal to do 10 eye exercises.
  • 22 Silicone magnets,9 Massager Modes
  • Charging: USB charging or AAA Batteries, Suitable for use anywhere in the home, office, travel etc.
  • Ergonomic: headband tightness can be adjusted to suit most people's head shape.
  • Suitable for students and those who need to relieve eye fatigue.

      Applicable symptoms

    • Prevent myopia
    • Remove eye bags, wrinkles, dark circles
    • Enhance skin elasticity
    • Effectively eliminate eye fatigue
    • Eliminate excessive eye caused by acid bloating, dry, afraid of light, blurred vision
    • Specifications:

    • Product name:Sunglasses eye massager
    • Product color:white&black
    • Weight: :approx 120g
    • Rated power: 0.3w
    • Rated voltage: 3V
    • Principle of massage :(electric) vibration
    • Material: ABS/ silica gel, magnet, electronic components
    • Power supply: USB Charging or AAA Batteries(Not included)
    • Size: 18*6.5 cm / 7.0*2.5 inch
    • Massage principle: Magnetic massage, vibration
    • Features: 22 Silicone magnets,9 Massager Modes
    • Function: eliminate eye fatigue, reduce wrinkles, protect eyesight, prevent myopia
    • For the crowd: daily health, work, a long time to see mobile phones, computers, students, anyone who needs eye massage
    • Warranty period:3 years
    • Applicable people:

    • Student, teacher, Myopic people, over use eyes of people.
    • Computer operator, Accountant, Designer, Secretary, Driver, Precision instruments of workers.
    • The wrinkles , dark circles , drying, unclear vision caused over use of eyes.
    • Package Contents:

    • Main Body of Machine ×1
    • USB cable ×1
    • Product Manuals ×1


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